Rain started the day however the clouds disappeared, the wind was around 10 to 15 minutes till snow came from the heavens and out with 1 in of the stuff. Didn’t stick around long and it all melted. Took my mate to see a neurologist that’s monitoring x-rays looking at a small tumor. And so it’s another appointment that we set the day and time. It’s actually a Aneurysm. We’ll get another ct  scan done to look over this blood problem and compare this new one over her last ct scan so the Doctors decide “WHAT TO DO NEXT”. I’d appreciate any small little prayer for us, would be wonderful. 

The two of us have to take care of each other, we have many problems, some big, some are minute and small.  As long as love surrounds us we will never fear anything including death. Death happens and is surely going to happen when it’s our time.

That’s why it so important for someone to take a stance with addictions of all kinds. What I used was taking the pleasure of a mellow feeling. Now I know that was all wrong. I miss my parents a lot but they choose their demise and I just took their places. None of what I say is full of bull. It’s FACT. We as humans have our own choices and have to live by these chooses.

I’m not sure what I’ll do today but resting sounds mighty good to me. Don’t want to go over to our house that’s for sure. Damn Bug City!!! If I could get away with setting the house on fire, I would but that doesn’t ever work that easy. Your days are numbered in these cases. Need to clean the house top to bottom. Got to junk pile, lots of old outdated mail, papers but the biggest thing is without any doubt is the furniture, it is all full of these damn bugs. I am disabled as well is my mate, we combined can’t and are not able to do what needs done. Seems like know program out there won’t help us.     



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