“On my way to who knows”

Today I spent about one hour, outside on the deck, sun is out plus it’s got to be 90 degrees, sweating like a pig, with my case worker from the Area Agency on aging. I just might get something that the VA can’t do!  Now that is the help I want.. I do think that I deserve this 110%. This is a “GIFT” and that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Still looking for my live birth certificate though but I know I have it. Need to get my last four bank statements. Then contact the VA in Cleveland, OH to get my proof of my pension. Then I may have all my shit in one folder. Now, today’s date is the 6th of September 2016. Time to say good night to all of my friends, but more to come tomorrow. Sleep tight@@@@

Alright, I’m back after a rather hectic day. I meet again with the case manager and gave her all four bank statements that she requested and “TADA” my original Birth Certificate. Now I got to pat myself on the back, amen. In only two visits I feel all this weight is findlay off my back. I went out soon later and got a much needed haircut. I can’t stand long hair these days, no particular reason except when riding in the car, all of it gets in my eyes and that bugs the shit out of me. Just can’t believe my wait for help has come to a head. I can only give praise to GOD because he knew that I needed and deserved all that I do have. 

Of course now if I could only just put the plug into the jug. Man I want to and need to, so why don’t I just give in? Because it’s in my freakin brain and it is here to stay unless I put my foot down. Could pay for rehab but I don’t make enough money. The program I’m signed up for with Area Agency should come with Medicaid so maybe it”s covered. It would behove me to ask that question to my case worker September 10,2016. Wish me luck because if I don’t, I will die without help.

Another thing I got advice on by my caseworker was to go to the Vet Center to see if they could get my proof of income. Made me an appointment  and the financial officer not only got one but also faxed it to my caseworker. I’m all finished… Later people, more to come.   


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